Armagh City, Banbridge Craigavon Borough Council lead Export Trade Mission To Explore Indian Market


New Found Joy took part in a major trade mission to India last week which saw a delegation of 11 ambitious local companies visit Chennai to explore new business opportunities and seek to secure and grow their export links and trade to the Indian subcontinent. l

Kerrie Walker of New Found Joy travelled to India along with 10 other local businesses within the ABC Council area.

The move is part of a series of outward-focused business initiatives designed by the Council as part of its commitment to drive business growth and opportunity for local businesses against its target of creating 8,000 new jobs in the borough by 2026.

New Found Joy received a very warm welcome from many local businesses who are keen to discuss further the possibility of working with New Found Joy including one of the biggest online retailers within India.


“Great Britain and India represent two outstanding areas of growth and export exploration and we are delighted to support more than 30 forward-thinking local businesses keen to tap into these new pipeline opportunities, further develop existing relationships and source new income streams” – Lord Mayor Gareth Wilson