New found Joy is a premium artisan bakery specialising in producing delicious gluten free treats for the speciality food market.

Ten years ago we established a coffee shop/restaurant in Lurgan called Cafe Alana within an 18,000sq ft department store, Alana Interiors. Through this coffee shop we seen the rise the demand for Gluten Free and soon Artisan Bakery New Found Joy was born!

This business quickly began to grow and develop from small beginnings to a well established and successful food retail business with over one hundred seats. In Cafe Alana you’re sure to be served nothing but the best, with the Cafe Alana team priding themselves on their use of traditional methods that you would use in your own kitchen at home.

This is how our bakers keep texture and flavour, creating homemade goodness in every tray bake.


New product development became a passion and customers loved the new range of products that we offered. The increased demand for products which contained no gluten, oats or wheat became evident as we chatted with our customers and listened to their frustrations, and we began developing a full range of delicious alternatives. The need for a range of bakery products that were free from gluten but still looked and tasted as good as ordinary tray bakes and treats was obvious to us.

When changes to the legislation came about and there was an increase in allergen controls, we began to seek separate premises to safely and efficiently manufacture our gluten free range.


With a premises of our own, New Found Joy, a premium artisan bakery, was founded in 2014.

We were able to experiment with different flavours and ingredients as we worked to create delicious gluten free versions of our most loved recipes.

Finally, after many attempts and a lot of problem-solving and research our team were able to produce a truly tasty range of tray bakes that are free from gluten. While we are always working and trying out new ways to make our products even better, we have learnt the importance of using premium ingredients to create a premium tasting product.

Just like in Cafe Alana, at New Found Joy we are passionate about good clean wholesome food free from preservatives. That’s why were believe it is important to be transparent and allow our customers to make choices based on reliable information about ingredients, particularly when it comes to health concerns.


As our brand continues to grow our team hope to develop our products even further, adding new tastes and flavours to keep our customers satisfied.

As an extension of a long established family-run business, here at New Found Joy we understand the value of team work and dedication and are committed to enhancing the variety of tasty and delicious gluten free products available to you, our valued customers.